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Launchpool x Ozone Metaverse AMA Summary

Place: Launchpool Official Telegram Community

Date & Time: Monday May 2nd, 16:00 UTC

Guests: Jay Ess, Co-Founder and Dom Rodwell, Chief Strategy Officer of Ozone Metaverse

Host: Spiderman (Launchpool Team)

Launchpool was excited to host Co-Founder & CEO Jay Ess and Dom Rodwell, Chief Strategy Officer of Ozone Metaverse for an interactive Ask-Me-Anything session with the Launchpool Community. This AMA comes in anticipation of the Ozone Metaverse weeklong Allocation Mining Event on Launchpool from Monday May 2nd 2022. The session lasted approximately 1hr, and consisted of questions from the Launchpool Team as well as questions from the Community.

Questions from the Launchpool Team


Hello and Welcome all #LPOOLers

As many in our Community already know, today we have an AMA session with Co-Founder & CEO, Jay Ess and Dom Rodwell Chief Strategy Officer of Ozone Metaverse.

The Ozone Metaverse is a breakthrough metaverse-as-a-service platform, with unique composable NFT utility — and a native blockchain economy that provides advanced mechanisms for governance and revenue generation. Welcome to the Metaverse, the Fabric of Tomorrow’s Internet.

Built on the Flow blockchain, and powered by the proprietary O3 Graphics Engine, Ozone Metaverse is designed to be the fastest, easiest to use platform for builders everywhere to create the stories, communities and experiences that bring people together.

As always, the chat will be muted for roughly 30mins whilst we ask the pre-prepared questions. After this we will open up to questions from the Community for 15 mins or so. We will also enable “Slow Mode” for questions.

Welcome, Jay and Dom.

Jay Ess: Thank you. Good to be here.

Dom Rodwell: Hey everyone!

SpiderMan: Glad to have you both here. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your involvement with the space.

Jay Ess: I’m founder, inventor and CEO of Ozone Metaverse

For the past 4 years I’ve been 100% focused on that. I’ve been a technology entrepreneur for many years and previously worked at Disney.

Dom Rodwell: My background is in product development and strategy. I’ve led development of many highly successful consumer and enterprise products over the last 20 years.

Most of these have been in gaming, media, data analytics and FinTech. I’ve been building private and public blockchain and Web3 applications since 2019.

SpiderMan: Great experience. Could you tell us about the rest of the team?

Jay Ess: Our engineering team is led by our CTO Oleksiy, who is a highly skilled ex-Oracle cloud systems engineer.

Engineering is remote and spread out across North and South America, as well as Europe and now expanding to team members in Asia

Dom Rodwell: We have a 3D graphics team also distributed globally. They are highly skilled in all 3D programs and built our own proprietary 3D pipeline.

Our executive and advisory Team is between the US and the UK spanning a wide range of expertise from software development, to tokenomics, Crypto and business management.

The Team is growing quickly now, we are hiring aggressively in every area from product to engineering and marketing.

SpiderMan: It’s awesome having diverse people on board. What problem are you trying to solve? What is the overall vision for the project?

Jay Ess: Making the Metaverse and Web3 simple and accessible to a mass market. From a technology perspective, our goal is to provide a platform that allows the Metaverse to operate at ‘internet-scale’

Dom Rodwell: It’s worth mentioning that the Ozone team has been working on the core graphics and gaming engine for three years already. This isn’t a project that has just been spun up.

In 2021 we began serious initial blockchain integration and from there we developed some unique approaches to things like feature composability for our land parcels.

Jay Ess: One thing to note that’s different about Ozone compared to a lot of other projects out there is that:

1. The technology is fundamentally ready and

2. We’re launching a fully integrated Metaverse system this summer with the genesis land sale.

SpiderMan: Can’t wait for what is ahead. How are you differentiated from other similar projects?

Dom Rodwell: Really, it comes down to three things…

1. The power of our graphics technology

2. Our deep, native integration with the Flow blockchain

3. How we’re approaching world composability

The result of all three of those things is a faster, easier to use, highly consumerized Metaverse platform.

We’re aiming for a mass market product here that stands the test of time, not just something for early adopters.

Jay Ess: Yes! Our mission is the internet-scale Metaverse. Truly the next iteration of the internet.

I’ll add that Ozone is accessible already on the web, in VR and on mobile, at incredibly high levels of graphical performance on all (Top Frames Per Seconds possible). Many projects haven’t been able to deliver on that and probably won’t any time soon given the complexity of native real time computer graphics on the web.

SpiderMan: Nice. Where are you at in your roadmap? Could you please talk us through the next steps.

Dom Rodwell: Right now we’re focusing on finishing the token raise, focusing on product marketing and building our community while we finish the engineering in preparation for the genesis land sale on Independence Day July 4th weekend.

As mentioned, our 3D graphics and gaming engine (the O3 Engine) is fundamentally complete, and we’re finalising our approach to NFT architecture and utility, building out remaining smart contracts.

Jay Ess: For a visual, here’s the roadmap slide from our deck.

Dom Rodwell: We’ll be launching a more detailed interactive roadmap on the website in the coming weeks, exciting features that are not yet announced.

After the land sale we have a pretty packed roadmap.

Some highlights…

~ Ozone Studio will launch this year that allows users to customise their land, design it and add new utility and features.

~ We’ll be launching proposals for new districts so that DAOs and other organisations can launch and run complete worlds that are their own.

~And of course we’re focusing hard on improving the core engine performance all the time, fine tuning the system and tweaking how it runs for maximum quality

SpiderMan: Thank you for the detailed explanation and we are looking forward. How was the project funded up to this point? How will the funds from the pre-IDO be used?

Jay Ess: After the founders funded the project and gathered some early angel investments, the current token raises from launchpads and VC’s are really fuelling the last mile deployment of the land sales, NFT marketplaces.

Use of proceeds is dedicated to product development, engineering, growing the Team, and marketing. We’re deep in talks with technology and content partners to make Ozone Metaverse the most engaging place to spend time.

SpiderMan: Are there any strategic partners (excluding Launchpool) that you can share?

Dom Rodwell: Yes sure.

Crypto Partners and Investors — NET ZERO CAPITAL, ALPHABIT, ENJINSTARTER, GSR. We’ve also just announced an e-commerce partnership with AMAZE

Content Partners: XR-LABS in Miami, ASCENDIA in LA, CHAINXR …

And many more to be announced very soon including some exciting IP partnerships!

SpiderMan: Amazing. What made you choose Launchpool as your launchpad partner for the AME?

Jay Ess: The community is what made us come back. The egalitarian and truly decentralized investment culture of Launchpool. After doing Launchpool Labs for our Seed round, we wanted to open up to the wider community via this Private round and further grow our future users ecosystem with Launchpool.

SpiderMan: What is the total allocation you’ve set aside for the Launchpool community? Are there any limitations or is the Allocation Mining Event open to everyone? Please list any countries that are excluded from the allocation event due to regulatory reasons.

Dom Rodwell: There is 250K $BUSD in this round. All KYC’d users on Launchpool are able to stake. Some countries are excluded including North America and Germany.

SpiderMan: Yeah, restrictions. Please tell us, what happens after the AME? Could you talk us through the tokenomics: total supply, initial circulating supply, initial market cap, initial vesting, total vesting period.

Jay Ess: Sure, I’ll take this one.

Tokenomics are on our whitepaper which is accessible on our website.

After we finalize the token raise, we will sequentially go live with liquidity markets and the land sale on July 4th weekend. (July 2nd actually). Total planned supply is currently 2 billion.

SpiderMan: We would check that. What are the use cases for the token? Do you have any mechanisms planned to support the DeFi component?

Dom Rodwell: Yes, there are a bunch of use cases …

Of course, it’s the token to buy NFT land, accessories and new functionality for your land. In the peer-to-peer economy for trading NFTs, and charging for products and services you can provide.

After the land sale users will be able to stake tokens to develop their land. This is super cool, and we’ll be providing more info on this in the next few weeks.

There will be a variety of visual and functional rewards, plus yield on staking.

✨ Special Announcement ✨

To welcome Ozone Metaverse to Launchpool, we’ve teamed up to give away $2,000 worth of $ZONE tokens! We’re currently running a Gleam campaign with Ozone Metaverse

👉 Just fill out the Gleam form for a chance to win❗😎

Jay Ess: The token will have instant utility as we will drop the NFT marketplace with LANDS, ACCESSORIES, and ART immediately after TGE.

Dom Rodwell: It’s also fundamental for governance. As we open up the ability for communities to create their own districts and their own land sales, it’s central to how these are set up and operated.

Jay Ess: The token will be the main currency and the heart of the Ozone Metaverse economy. We think of the Token and the utilities around it as the ENABLER of the Metaverse.

BTW: If you have not seen our latest Film on the new website check it out❗

SpiderMan: Ah, thanks for the reminder. Where can we join your Community?

Jay Ess: If you haven’t joined the 200k pre-registered citizens on our website, make sure you drop your email.

Social Media Platforms:

Please join out Telegram and Discords & Follow us on Twitter…

SpiderMan: Our Community would definitely do that.

Jay Ess: We will be having some cool prizes and special “treats” to our community which is on all those three.


SpiderMan: Thank you again for sharing these great updates with our Community.

I will now open up the Community to questions from the floor. Please be reminded that we have “Slow Mode” enabled and will only be answering questions related to Ozone Metaverse.

The Floor is Now Open

Questions from the Launchpool Community

Question: Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

Dom Rodwell: We’re building on the Flow blockchain, and the Dapper/Flow teams have a strict audit process for acceptance of contracts onto Mainnet

Question: Is this project addressing a problem in the crypto space?

Jay Ess: We feel accessibility and simplicity are key. All our interaction is web based (no Metamask or other plugin required) and the NFT’s are free for the users (no gas) .

This is why we chose the Flow blockhain.

Question: What is your main goal on building this project? And how can people benefit on your project that you’d building?

Dom Rodwell: It’s important to remember this is a metaverse-as-a-service — it’s a platform play. We want to support the Metaverse at scale, with individual districts created by thousands of communities, with millions of end users.

Question: Are you looking for a long-term vision? How will you reach it?

Jay Ess: Thanks Cathy. I propose you to see the cover page of our new whitepaper and documentation.

Dom Rodwell: Headlines, rock solid technology platform and 3D engine , super low friction and ease-of-use for onboarding users, accessible on any device (including VR),sustainable token economy, great partnerships to name a few.

Question: How relevant is the project to the crypto space?

Jay Ess: Good question. It is important to truly understand this. In the long term, the entire cyberspace is going to migrate to the METAVERSE. For all the Crypto technology (and all technologies as a matter of fact) to be future proof, they must be integrated with the Metaverse.

We enable this integration simply, at high performance and quality, and most importantly at internet-scale.

Question: What will be the number of rewards for active project participants?

Jay Ess: Tons of rewards. Currently some Oculus Quest 2 weekly on our Discord channel. Many more as we go and we unlock Community rewards from treasury after TGE.

Question: What are your top 3 things/events for 2022 ? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year??

Dom Rodwell: Complete token raises, Launch Genesis Districts, Genesis Land Sale starting 2nd July 2022 (4th July weekend), Launch of Ozone Studio Land Design tool, open up design and creation of new Districts to Communities

Also to finalise and announce upcoming technology and content (IP) partnerships

Question: With VR and Metaverse technology concepts. What is the future position for Ozone Metaverse to fully realize the world of Metaverse and what mechanisms will enable you to make a positive social impact in the blockchain-driven world? How will you meet the technical needs of the Metaverse?

Jay Ess: Another great question. Happy to report to you that we are almost finalized with all the technical needs of the metaverse.

As Dom Rodwell mentioned, we have been working on the vision of an (immersive open web) for a few years.

This means today, the OZONE METAVERSE system is the world’s most able and capable to deliver and now, also with our proprietary custom FLOW Blockchain integration (which we have been working on for the past 6 months)

Our choices are already making positive social impact, for example:

1. Flow blockchain is a GREEN BLOCKHAIN

2. We plant forests and trees to offset all our users and system carbon footprint.

3. We supported and continue to support many non profits, such at The NEURODIVERSITY PRIDE ALLIANCE from the Netherlands.

Check out their Metaverse powered by Ozone

SpiderMan: If the Community has any more questions or if it’s unanswered here, please hop over to the Ozone Metaverse Community to have it answered there:

Again, thank you Jay Ess and Dom Rodwell for your time in sharing all the info and we can’t wait for what’s ahead.

Jay Ess: Thank you guys for your support and excitement. We will soon start having events INSIDE the Metaverse. See you all there!

Dom Rodwell: Thanks everyone!

Spiderman: Excellent. Thanks to everyone that participated!

This will be the end of our AMA.

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The Ozone Metaverse is a breakthrough metaverse-as-a-service platform, with unique composable NFT utility — and a native blockchain economy that provides advanced mechanisms for governance and revenue generation. Welcome to the Metaverse, the Fabric of Tomorrow’s Internet.


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