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Launchpool x Nifty Football AMA Summery

Place: Launchpool Official Telegram Community

Time & Date: Wednesday, Nov 24, 5pm UTC

Guest: Andrew Ivison (CEO of Nifty Football)

Host: Lasersheep

It was wonderful having Andrew Ivison available for an extremely informative and lively AMA. In case you missed it, here’s the recap:

Questions from the Launchpool Team

Welcome to today’s special AMA with Andrew Ivison, CEO of Nifty Football!

For the next hour or so we will ask him everything from how he got into Crypto to how his project fits into the crypto ecosystem. At the end we will open up the floor to the Community so you can ask him your burning questions.

Lasersheep: Welcome to the group @niftydrew! Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your involvement with the space.

Andrew: Hi. My name is Andrew Ivison and I’m the CEO of Nifty Football. I first started looking into crypto back in 2016, around the time of the Dao hack, and instantly found it fascinating. From there I went on to become a co-founder of the Alphabit fund in early 2017, and more recently a co-founder of Launchpool. So very much on the investment side of the space until now. So with Nifty it’s great being more hands on with the development of a project and I’m hoping we can deliver some great things.

Lasersheep: Awesome! That’s an amazing achievement history for such a short period of time. Could you tell us about the rest of the team? (backgrounds, experience, etc.)

Andrew: We are still in the process of building up the nifty team but currently I have Eleanor from the Alphabit / Launchpool family helping me on the operational side, and Keiron from Launchpool as our Blockchain developer. As founders and owners I have Rich and Liam from Launchpool and Alphabit, so we have some pretty strong leadership. The real building happening currently is by two really strong Manchester based companies: Sequence doing the front end / UX, and Silverchip who are data specialists working on our back end / game logic.

Lasersheep: Thats a great line-up. I like it when teams start off with the best and grow from there. What problem are you trying to solve? What is the overall vision for the project?

Andrew: So nifty was first devised in 2019 as a football card trading game. This was built on Ethereum and still exists at At that time we were not seeing the interest in NFT’s like we see today, so I believe that for NFT’s minted in that era and with the level of artistic merit of the illustrations by Stanley Chow, these NFT’s are already pretty rare and super collectable.

The goal for Nifty football is to build a fully featured football manager game around these NFT’s to give extra levels of utility to these trading cards. The main thing is to make the game fun to play, and to have a community driven approach to its development past MVP.

Lasersheep: How are you differentiated from other similar projects?

Andrew: There are a few similar projects out there but we don’t really focus on what they are doing specifically. We are just trying to make our game as much fun as we can and ensure we have a strong game engine in place that we can build upon.

However, the Launchpool Labs team did a great job at explaining briefly why Nifty Football is different from other projects, here:

Lasersheep: Awesome! This will really help people get a clearer picture of what you guys are doing. How was the project funded up to this point? How will the funds from the Seed Round be used?

Andrew: This is very much a passion project for everyone involved and has been funded mainly by its founders and Alphabit up to this point. As we are pretty far ahead with our development, now we are looking to increase awareness of the project through marketing campaigns, so we will be directing funds towards that in the near term. We will also be looking to bolster the team with some great hires

Lasersheep: Are there any strategic partners (excluding Launchpool) that you can share?

Andrew: We are now working very hard to secure some strategic partnerships with some very exciting news coming soon. Sorry I can’t say more on that at the moment, but watch this space!

Lasersheep: No problem! I understand projects need their privacy when it comes to this. What made you choose Launchpool as your launchpad partner for the AME?

Andrew: I am a little biased on this one as a shareholder in Launchpool! But I’m confident that if that were not the case I’d still be here 😉

Lasersheep: Awww we’re happy to have you here too. What is the total allocation you’ve set aside for the Launchpool community? Are there any limitations or details people should know? Please list any countries that are excluded from the allocation event due to regulatory reasons.

Andrew: Restrictions would obviously apply to residents of any country for which sanctions are in place and unfortunately anyone who is resident in the US.

We have set aside a $360 K allocation for the Launchpool community (6,000,000 tokens at 6 cents / 6M valuation) in this seed round. Seed round is limited to the NFT holders, but we would like to announce that there are plans for a pre-ido on Launchpool, further down the line, on different terms (price and valuation). Launchpool will help us announce the pre-ido and the tokenomics closer to the pre-IDO date.

Lasersheep: What happens after the Seed Round? Could you talk us through the tokenomics: total supply, initial circulating supply, initial market cap, initial vesting, total vesting period (from launch until when will the last token be vested for), etc.

Andrew: The total supply of the NIFTY token will be 100,000,000 with 4,600,000 released at TGE. Tokens purchased in seed and private rounds are receiving 10% at TGE with the remaining tokens vested over 10 months.

Lasersheep: What are the use cases for the token? Do you have any mechanisms planned to support the DeFi component (staking, burning, earning, spending, etc?)

Andrew: When performing tasks within the game, and most notably for winning games, users will be earning XP. This XP can then be used to purchase certain upgrades in the game E.g boosting player attributes via training or to improve various elements of your clubs facilities. One use case of the token is to purchase packs of XP to accelerate your progress, or to cash in your earned XP for nifty tokens.

As we want the project to be community driven post MVP, we will be inviting users to stake nifty tokens to take part in governance decisions such as which new features we should incorporate.

Aside from having a hand in the future development of Nifty Football, users who stake will also generate XP in the game, which can of course be used to strengthen your club or be cashed out for for our token.

Lasersheep: Where can we join your community? (twitter/telegram/discord/etc)

Andrew: We have plans to move the community to our own server on Discord, so please join there. Activities will start increasing in a few weeks time.

But also please give us a follow on twitter at

And right here on Telegram

Lasersheep: Fantastic! I highly recommend people go over and check it out! Its a super welcoming community. Now its time to open the floor to the community! Ask Andrew your burning questions or just pop in to say hi! I’ll front-run with my question (hehe). How has your experience with the Launchpool community been?

Andrew: The Launchpool community are awesome 😎

Den Morrison: NFT Gaming is the fact that most of the games are pay to win because the more expensive NFT you buy, the easier you can win. How will Nifty football make sure that their game isn’t pay to win & fair? This is important so that the game will keep attracting new players?

Andrew: Good question Den

When users on board with the new platform they are provided with 15 players. These players will have relatively low value traits to begin with, but have the potential to improve. Their potential attribute is random.

Rysa Fyn: For some play-to-earn games, players will need to spend fortunes in order to earn, and if they don’t invest heavily, what they earn can’t even pay gas fees used during games. What does it cost to play this game and how profitable can it really be?

Andrew: As mentioned above we are really trying to address this. In nifty there will be route to success without investing, but it will be slower. There is also a game of skill and you can win matches with a lesser team by getting your tactics right

In relation to gas fees the cards are to reside on the Polygon network

Bea Clef: When are we expecting the launch?

Andrew: We are looking to release our Beta of the platform by the end of Feb 2022

D: How will this work with existing NFT’s that are currently on the ETH network?

Andrew: Another good question! Obviously we are looking to reward our existing card holders within the game, so there will be option to sign a transaction to prove ownership of one of the originals. These cards will have a very special status within the game. This is the main reason we have chosen Polygon due to its EVM compatibility

D: 1. How will the match play work? Is the intention to for this to be real time against other users?

2. Will the first release be mobile ready? Or is this in the roadmap for later down the line?

Andrew: Initially the match play will be against computer opposition. You will be placed into a league system and be able to play 1 game per day. This will give users time to become familiar with the workings and build their club. Obviously there will be a global leaderboard showing how well everyone is going in relation to one another. We will then start to organise Player v player tournaments, ultimately leading to user curated leagues.

Mobile is roadmapped for a little later down the line. We will be releasing much more information on the roadmap over the coming weeks so please join the channels to keep in the loop.

Lasersheep: Alright I think that was a fantastic AMA session! Thank you to @niftydrew for joining us and for the community for your great questions! Be sure to join the Nifty Football social medias and Telegram chat to follow all the latest!

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