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14 min readApr 5, 2022

Launchpool x BOSS FIGHTERS AMA Summary

Place: Launchpool Official Telegram Community

Date & Time: Monday April 4th, 17:00 UTC

Guests: Vadim Shevchuk, Co-Founder of BOSS FIGHTERS

Host: Spiderman (Launchpool Team)

Launchpool was excited to host Vadim Shevchuk, Co-Founder of BOSS FIGHTERS for an interactive Ask-Me-Anything session with the Launchpool Community. This AMA comes in anticipation of the BOSS FIGHTERS weeklong Allocation Mining Event on Launchpool from Monday April 4th 2022. The session lasted approximately 1hr, and consisted of questions from the Launchpool Team as well as questions from the Community.

Questions from the Launchpool Team


Hello and Welcome all LPOOLers,

As many in our Community already know, today we have an AMA session with Vadim Shevchuk, Co-Founder of BOSS FIGHTERS.

BOSS FIGHTERS is the innovative gaming show and Metaverse built as the unique asymmetric multiplayer game where a VR player takes the role of the powerful boss-monster, while PC players team up against it, battling for prestige, glory, and precious NFT loot.

As always, the chat will be muted for roughly 30 mins whilst we ask the pre-prepared questions. After this, we will open up to questions from the Community for another 15 mins. We will also enable “Slow Mode” for all questions.

Welcome, Meta Man!

Meta Man: Hey, nice to be here again! Thank you 😁

SpiderMan: Glad to have you here! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Meta Man: My name is Vadim. I’m an experienced Studio Head, entrepreneur, software and game producer, CEO, and Creative Director at Boss Fighters.

I’ve been working in CG and game development for almost 10 years. I began my career essentially as a 3D artist, building up my skills through VFX artist, 3D animator, 3D generalist positions up to product director, and eventually founded my own studio owner.

I founded two companies — one is entirely dedicated to graphical assets outsourcing for games, commercials and VFX . The other company is a VR development studio, where we have created a number of VR business and educational applications.

This is where my teams’ VR development background comes from.

SpiderMan: Awesome experience 😎 Please tell us a bit more about your Core Team.

Meta Man: One of the strongest “features” of our project — is the team I’m working with for many years already. Unlike some other crypto gaming projects, which first do the fundraising and then start to look for the devs, we’ve already been working on Boss Fighters for 9 months, long before we went public.

Basically, the core team of Boss Fighters is the guys who’ve been working on those VR applications and graphics production for many years in our other companies. And of course, we expanded our team with game designers, UX designers, QA professionals, and blockchain and full-stack developers to hit roadmap goals we’ve set for ourselves.

My team and I had a chance to work on multiple projects, including AAA titles, indie games and business apps.

To be more specific — our technical and weapons designer worked on STALKER and Metro series, our VR designer is a winner of 3 VR hackathons, the team of environment artists worked on AAA titles like Metro Exodus, WoT, Life is Feudal, and also worked on VR games like recently released Against.

Our Art director worked at Gameloft on the top projects of the studio for 4 years….

I also worked as a producer and CTO on several blockchain and cryptocurrency private projects In 2017–2018.

SpiderMan: Nice, in simple terms please tell us what your project is about.

Meta Man: BOSS FIGHTERS is the first Metaverse built as an action-packed and fun asymmetric VR vs PC gaming experience on the blockchain. We believe that the Metaverse should be centered around exciting gameplay to attract the general gaming and VR community.

Most of our competitors are games outside Web 3.0 Ecosystem. There are some projects present on Steam, which are also asymmetric multiplayer games VR vs PC, but they are completely devoid of crypto and ownership aspects.

On the other hand, there are multiple Metaverses and VR projects, but non of them has the gameplay we offer, the are slow paced and not very friendly to VR.

We solve multiple problems with our product:

- we offer unique and engaging gameplay across multiple platforms;

- there are very few VR games that leverage play-to-earn and blockchain tech;

- action-based VR games with NFT and tokenized economy are almost non-existent;

- the team has plenty of experience with designing accessible and deep VR interactions, unreal engine development, and production capabilities to deliver a unique product.

The game is essentially free-to-play, so any gear can be purchased with in-game soft currency. However, players who wish to embrace the advantages of blockchain technology are able to monetize their success via NFT marketplace, use token staking to unlock advanced game features and compete for large token prize pools in tournaments.

Game economy is also being designed in a free-to-play familiar style.

We don’t want to force our players to be crypto-only, the better way is to create incentives for players to choose the crypto path as an opportunity to earn. That’s why we decided to allow users to mint their rewards as NFTs if they want to monetize their success. This will happen outside the game on a separate web platform, that we call Boss Fighters HUB, that is currently being developed.

This also guarantees that we will be able to publish on major gaming platforms, which grants broader player base access.

SpiderMan: I look forward to competing. While it is still early on, in terms of token utility, what can token holders expect? How does the token fit into the product experience?

Meta Man: Indeed, e-sports is the way to go!

Previously we thought we should go with double token scheme, one for utility and another token for governance. However we have changed the design intentionally to move more towards the free-to-play game with the play-and-earn built with Web 3.0 on top.

We now have only a single token — $BFT.

Boss fighters Token, or like we call it internally (Big F Token)

$BFT is a utility token. In BOSS FIGHTERS players can choose either to be a free-to-play user, using soft currency, or take a crypto route that speeds up progression and unlocks multiple features with the use of token. Game features can be unlocked via staking token into special pools.

Here are some benefits players get by staking a $BFT token:

- soft currency passive income (reduce grind and speed up in-game progress)

- speeding up gear upgrade times (it takes a long time to upgrade high-level gear!)

- regular gear and cosmetic airdrops in the form on NFTs (stake tokens to get item airdrops)

- minting discounts for upcoming NFT drops

- reduced internal marketplace fees

- treasury access and passive BFT yield (stake tokens with lockup for nice APY)

- unique skins and player customization options

- team features: ability to create and manage teams, scholarship options and NFT lending

- tournament access — competitions with large token prize pools

- ranked mode access — MMR, token rewards

- Watch-To-Earn, via Spectators pass.

SpiderMan: These benefits would for surely impress our Community. Please tell us about your tokenomics model. What is the estimated total target raise? What percentage of the full raise is expected to be raised via Launchpool Labs & its partners? What percentage of that via the Launchpool Seed?

✨ Special Announcement ✨

We’re currently running a Gleam Campaign with @BossFighters_Chat

To welcome #BOSSFIGHTERS to Launchpool, we’ve teamed up to give away $2,000 worth of $BFT tokens and 20 whitlisted spots to their upcoming mint! 🤩

👉 Simply fill out the Gleam form for a chance to win❗😎

📌 The secret code will be shared during the AMA so be sure you are paying attention…👀

Meta Man: Yes, we want to imbue our token with as many utilities as possible and what makes sense. This is important for long-term success to have staking options and utility for players, not only for traders.

Our total raise is $2,091,000. We have already raised $204k with the help of the Community during pre-seed round, which was a huge success.

The seed raise that opens today is 256k, however, we are raising only 106k with the help of the Launchpool Labs Community because we also want to onboard bigger gaming guilds like YGG and gaming-centered VCs to our project at an early stage.

Total raise for pre-seed and seed rounds counts for 6.6% of the total token supply.

We also adjusted our initial market cap, it is now $276,000. There will be 1.84% of unlocked supply at TGE and 2.5% of tokens will be locked on DEX at listing.

Everyone can examine our tokenomics, I’m happy to share it

SpiderMan: Please share with us how the roadmap will look like, and the stage of the MVP development process you’re at.

Meta Man: There has been a lot of stuff happening on the development side for the last couple of months. We had a bit of a slowdown because of recent events in the world, but now we are back on track. Our international Team is safe and fully committed to deliver the roadmap goals we set.

If you check our socials you can see that we are testing playable builds of Boss Fighters and solidifying controls, combat mechanics, and other features. There is also a lot of development happening in the background.

We are in the process of transitioning to different architecture that will grant us scalability and stability, which is crucial for the competitive game. You will soon see lots of new features shown to the public, things like Boss arsenal and Fighters weapons and equipment.

The Team is also in the process of redesigning the first battle arena to its final shape, you might have already seen some updates for the arena background, but we will update arena visuals drastically before the early access release.

Just in a few days, we are doing closed playtests for the Gaming Guild package buyers and KOLs, so don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to get your hands on the game even before early access.

A few weeks after our genesis NFT mint we will be doing token IDO, which might happen in May.

Right after TGE, we will open up staking pools, so players and investors can start staking for rewards. Shortly after that, we will transition to the early adopters’ closed alpha launch.

Here’s our Roadmap

Meta Man: Oh BTW it says here that Whitepaper release happens on Q2-Q3, but you can already check our litepaper via the link below:

SpiderMan: Sure, we would. Is there any exclusive information you can share with our Community today?

Meta Man: We have an NFT mint coming on April 20th-22nd. This will be the first of 3 subsequent NFT collections that come in the form of a Premium Pass. Each NFT unlocks in-game and off-game benefits that otherwise can only be accessed through token staking. In support of this, we have teamed up with Launchpool to have a Gleam Campaign Giveaway.

Here is the Secret Code: FIGHTALLTHEBOSSES

I would also like to mention a strong network of partnerships that we managed to build recently. We have onboarded great partners like Enjinstarter — one on the leading GameFi launchpads and Solrazr — the leading launchpad on the Solana ecosystem.

We have partnered with Metavest Capital, as investors and advisors. These guys help us immensely in designing token utility, game mechanics and they also got us connected with a host of gaming guilds. We even put together a special proposal for the gaming guilds for them to get the most of our NFT mint.

We are also partnering with top VCs for the seed round and strategic investment to bring even more guilds and players to Boss Fighters community. On top of that, we have partnered with some top Solana NFT and gaming projects! The list is incredible: Degenerate Ape Academy, Neo Tokyo ,Yaku Corp, BotBorgs, Pesky Penguins and the list goes on and on!

SpiderMan: Indeed it’s incredible 🔥🔥🔥

How can our Community get involved? Please share with us the links to your social media pages.

Meta Man: Most of the community action is happening on our Discord server. I encourage you to join and see for yourself what an awesome community we are building. You can also get regular updates by following our Twitter and Telegram channel.

Just recently we also launched a Youtube channel and Tik-Tok where we publish game footage, voice AMA recordings, and development diaries. If you want a deep dive into the project, feel free to explore our medium where we have in-depth articles covering different features of Boss Fighters.

Here is a list of official social media channels for Boss Fighters:








SpiderMan: Our Community members would for sure be joining your community. Thank you again. for sharing these great updates with our community. 😊

I will now open up the Community to questions from the floor. Please be reminded that we have “Slow Mode” enabled and will only be answering questions related to BOSS FIGHTERS. Any other questions can be answered in our 24hr dedicated Support Chat.

The Floor is Now Open❗

Meta Man: Alright! Feel free to ask any questions

Questions from the Launchpool Community

Question: About your NFTs, Can you explain further about the utilities of these NFTs within your platform? Are they meant to be held as simple collectibles or will they have additional benefits?

Meta Man: We have several assets types in the form of NFTs. Right now we are preparing to launch character avatar collection. These are NFTs that unlock some advanced features in the game. These are some of the benefits you get with the NFTs:

⚡️ Owners can get free collectible NFTs as Boss Fighters Metaverse expands

⚡️ VR Headsets will be raffled among lucky owners to join the battle on the VR side

⚡️ Direct access to Developers in the private Discord channel

⚡️ Exclusive access to special tournaments with unique rewards and token prize pools

⚡️ Community royalties treasury access (half of royalties from secondary market sales got to NFT owners)

Character avatars will be limited and only sold once.

Question: Can you list 1–3 killer features of your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Meta Man: Boss Fighters is a very unique project. We have a long-term vision and strongly believe in VR and Metaverse.

⚡️ We offer unique and engaging gameplay across multiple platforms;

⚡️ There are very few VR games that leverage play-to-earn and blockchain tech;

⚡️Action-based VR games with NFT and tokenized economy are almost non-existent;

We don’t have many competitors, to be frank. It’s the only project on Solana with VR, real gameplay, and at the same time quite far along in development.

Question: What are the DEXs and CEXs you are considering on having a partnership with?

Meta Man: We’ll be listing on Raydium at launch. After that we have options to be listed on CEX like, MEXC, Kucoin.

Question: What is your top 3 things/events for priorities in 2022 ? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Meta Man: Here’s what are planning for 2022.

First of all, right after TGE we’ll open staking pools. Staking will allow players to earn rewards prior early access launch. Players who own NFTs will be able to use them right at the game’s early access launch shortly after staking goes live.

On top of that, we’ll be doing a second NFT collection, right after TGE, but this time the NFT can only be obtained with staking. The second collection is Arena Stars NFT, packed with utility for gaming guilds and scholars. Later this year we will be releasing a highly anticipated limited Boss Collection, featuring all sorts of different VR bosses.

Once this is done we will release a marketplace and NFT minting options for player to start utilizing play and earn features.

Question: With VR and Metaverse technology concepts. What is the future position for Boss Fighters to fully realize the world of Metaverse & what mechanisms will enable you to make a positive social impact in the blockchain-driven world? How will you meet the technical needs of the Metaverse?

Meta Man: We believe that VR and the Metaverse need action and fun social interactions. That’s why we are designing Boss Fighters as a gaming show

Let me elaborate on that a bit more.

We strongly believe that the greatest attractor to VR and metaverse is going to be exciting gaming, visual and emotional experiences. We want to create Boss Fighters’ gameplay mechanics, visuals, and marketing campaigns as a fun show, that is a spectacle in itself, so people will start sharing footage on social media, twitch, and tik-tok.

We want to bring onboard streamers and YouTubers to showcase the game and maybe even comment on some tournament battles later on! Being a gaming show means that we want spectators. Thats why we have a Watch-to-Earn system in development

Imagine that you have an option to participate in the battle as a specator, think hunger games. Drop a weapon create to a Fighter or aid the Boss via chat commands on a streaming service. This alone can create huge viral effect for the game. We also want to explore options like revenue sharing from ADs and tournaments.

Question: So I can earn just by speaking?

Meta Man: We are onboarding KOLs to the project ATM. Later on, once e-sports and gaming show aspect goes live we’ll be doing lots of collabs, sponsored events and even might hire professional commentators.

Spiderman: If the Community has any more questions or if a question is unanswered here, please hop on over to the BOSS FIGHTERS Discord server to have it answered.

Meta Man: Please do join our Discord, there’s a lot of stuff happening almost daily, like mini-games, contests etc.

Spiderman: Again, thank you for your time Meta Man for sharing all the info, we can’t wait for what’s ahead!

Meta Man: Alright guys, thanks for this opportunity. Nice chatting to you all.

Spiderman: Excellent. Thanks to everyone that participated!

This will be the end of our AMA.

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BOSS FIGHTERS is the innovative gaming show and Metaverse built as the unique asymmetric multiplayer game where a VR player takes the role of the powerful Boss-Monster, while PC players team up against it, battling for prestige, glory, and precious NFT loot.


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